Top Hot New Product: Lebert Equalizers

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What’s Trending in the Fitness World? Lebert Fitness products! Marc Lebert first created the Lebert Equalizers as a way to help his clients strengthen their back and work into their pull-ups; yet this product can be used hundreds of other ways!! Take a peek at just a FEW of the ways you can use this diverse product!


Chest Press – Start

POSITIONING- V-bar, hands on foam grips, body long and straight, toes on ground

Chest Press – End
Horizontal Chest Press – Start
POSITIONING - single bar on ground, hands on middle of bar, body straight, toes on ground.
Horizontal Chest Press – Finish
Jump Chest Press – Start
POSITIONING - Upright single bar, hands shoulder width apart, feet hip distance apart and lower rib touches the top of the equalizer.
Jump Chest Press – Finish
Chest Press with Stability Ball – Start
Chest Press with Stability Ball – Finish
Triceps Dip – Start
 POSITIONING – keep equalizers shoulder width apart, hands of foam grips, shoulders depressed, knees bent and spine neutral, feet on the floor.
Triceps Dip – Finish
Kneeling Tricep Extension – Finish
Kneeling Tricep Extension – Start
POSITIONING – Single bar, kneeling approximately arm’s length away, and position hands on bar approximately shoulder width apart. Maintain alignment from shoulder to knee, avoiding forward flexion.
Vertical Rows – Start
POSITIONING – V-bar, lie down with head just past legs that are touching, knees up and feet flat, raise hips into bridge and pull straight up and lower with intention. Do not release bridge until set is complete.
Vertical Rows – Finish
Vertical Rows – Single Bar – Start
POSITIONING – single bar, lie down with bar over chest, knees up and feet flat, raise hips and pull straight up keeping elbows out beside shoulder and lower with intention.
Veritcal Rows – Single Bar – Finish
Box Abs – Start
POSITIONING -  Sitting back onto arms as support, turn onto medial gluteus, legs together and elevated, trace the box shape along the inside edge of the equalizer and floor with feet.
Box Abs – Finish
Around the “T” – Start
POSITIONING – lying supine, neutral spine, maintain stable body position. Use the equalizer as a target and create a circle around the upper “T” bar. Maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement.
Around the “T” – Finish
Standing Lateral Plank – Start
POSITIONING – grasping single bar at edge, stack feet and lower hips (bend) towards the ground.
Standing Lateral Plank – Finish
Knee ups – Start
Knee ups – Finish
Core run
Tricep dip – Stability Ball
POSITIONING – keep equalizers should width apart, shoulders depressed, feet elevated on Stability ball.
Tricep dips – stability ball – Start
POSITIONING – keep equalizers shoulder width apart, shoulders depressed, feet elevated on stability ball.
Anterior Deltoid Front Raise – Start
Anterior Deltoid Front Raise – Finish
Squats/lunges – Start
POSITIONING – place support foot of foam grip, stand tall, opposite leg far enough to track the knee so that it doesn’t pass the toes on the way down. Focus on loading the front leg and not pressing into the rear leg.
Squats/lunges – Finish
Hip Extension – Start
POSITIONING – Feet on single bar, knees slightly bent, raise hips and lower with intention.
Hip Extension – Finish
Agility Drills – Start
Agility Drills – Finish
Unilateral Deadlift – Start
POSITIONING – Stand on single leg about 2 feet from equalizer, hinge forward from the lower hip slowly, use bar as guide. Maintain neutral spine. A slight bend in the knee might be required based on comfort and ability.
Unilateral Deadlift – Finish
Horizontal Chest Press – Progression – Start
Horizontal Chest Press – Progression – Finish
POSITIONING – Twist at top of push up or lower, hold, twist at bottom of push up.
Adductors – Start
POSITIONING – Medial foot on foam grip, elbow on floor, bring bottom leg up to touch the equalizer then lower leg with control.
Adductors – Finish
Adductor Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Hamstring Stretch


The equalizers are a great addition to any facility or home and are making a big impact in the fitness industry. Recently, the company’s newest program LeBarre has hit the ground running and was featured on the cover of Fitness Business magazine. Wait no more- order your Lebert Fitness products from our website  - just click on Lebert Fitness!

If you’d like to know how to get a Lebert Fitness workshop or class into your facility – email to get it set up!