High-Tech Bulimia?

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Tired of dieting? Sick of exercise? Here’s a great way to lose those extra pounds! Meet the Aspire Assist, a groundbreaking system works like this:  About twenty minutes after finishing your tasty meal, you hook up the Aspire Assist external device to a port that’s been implanted in your belly. Turn a lever and your stomach’s barely-digested contents flow into a reservoir on the device. Once the flow stops, you then squeeze an attached bottle that pumps water into the stomach to wash out the “leftovers.”  Check out the video to see it step by step.

It’s that easy. Just get surgery to install the poker chip sized ‘Skin-Port’ onto your abdomen then just suck undigested food out of your stomach into a portable handheld device (or toilet as seen in the video). Don’t worry, it will only remove about a third of the food you consumed, you’ll be left with the calories your body needs to function. (Although you could always just repeat!)

Aspire Assist is currently waiting FDA approval.


Seriously? I’m at a loss for words with this one. If anyone reading this is honestly considering getting this done, please call me first for complimentary training and wellness coaching.  The above procedure is NOT okay.




  • Dvintage McCormick

    Tired of dieting, and sick of exercise? I’m sorry, but these people probably have never exercised a day in their lives, and have no idea how much easier it really is, opposed to the surgery, and hassles of hooking your stomach up to a machine, to have it pump out your food and nutrients just ingested. That’s crazy! NO THANKS! I’m re-posting this! This procedure really disgusts me, and makes me realize how lazy our world have become! Yuk!