Reebok Easytone Settles $25 Million Dollar Lawsuit

May 22, 2012 |  by  |  Apparel, Rants  |  Share

Released a few years ago these tennis shoes claimed to do the following:

1. Reebok claimed increased muscle activation in the gluteus (your butt) of up to 28%.
2. Reebok claimed your calves and hamstrings work 11% harder.
3. Reebok claimed the Easytones will “tone” your legs.

The first time I saw the commercials for these, I actually laughed out loud.  Reebok’s claims were simply false. I always secretly made fun of people  that believed the claims of Reebok and actually purchased a pair. (Sorry if that means you- doesn’t mean I don’t like you- I just don’t like your shoes!)

Here is what the Federal Trade Commission states on their website.

“The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, charged Reebok with making claims about EasyTone and RunTone shoes that the company couldn’t support. According to the FTC, Reebok claimed that using these products would strengthen and tone leg and butt muscles. To settle the case, Reebok has agreed to pay $25 million for refunds to people who bought Reebok toning shoes or apparel.”

So if you got duped and actually purchased a pair, contact Reedbok for a refund.

  • sharon

    Hell I love the dam shoe and compared to a regular shoe it dose make your steps higher like walking inheals and we all know that wimen that wher heals a lot evey day have nice calf musles its like that but a softer step I think thay do a graet job of making you work a little harder from step to step and when I wher mine I can feel the burn I love them and I would like them even more if thay would make me a pair that the balls where large so on days I really what to. give it Hell I could sorta like a step up on the work out scale call them higher grown lik the song LOL! Oh ya about this law suit you all know you just had to blame someone to make you all feel better four not beain abel to stay on your diet long enough to even see if thay did what thay say gThaywould .I hope thay keep makein them andmabey a working girls hard toe the rest of you hatters go get a snack or something and quit hateing.